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Nothing is as simple as it looks or seems, especially when it comes to repairs! Our team is licensed, experienced, and ready for any drywall/painting repair you may need. Whether your commercial property is in despair or your residential one is, we are here for you.

Residential Drywall Repair

Accidents happen! Sometimes you’re moving furniture, roughhousing inside, or an old wall simply needs a fix, drywall repairs are one of our many talents. We will help replace that hole in your home with a good as a new wall. Our professionals can also paint over it with the color of your choice. Call now to learn more.

Commercial Drywall Repair

You can’t control everything that happens on your commercial property, no matter how much you wish you could. With heavy foot traffic areas, possible remodeling, and/or redecorating, so many things can go wrong. If something happens to your wall our professionals can come to repair any drywall space in Las Vegas!

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Benefits of a professional

Drywall Repair

This is not a simple DIY project! Unless the drywall is going to be hidden behind a gorgeous painting, don’t wait to call our professionals to get started with your repairs.

Here are some benefits of professional drywall repair:


You need and we have it! Understanding how to fix different types of walls to ensure the repair matches appropriately is not something you should want to learn on the go. By hiring our professionals, you won’t be left with doing hours of research and/or redo after redo. We will create and execute a plan to fix your walls.


The best advantage of hiring a professional is the fact that you will always have flawless. results! We leave zero imperfections and take great pride in knowing our work looks and feels like nothing ever happened. Once we’re done you can go back to hanging things on the walls and decorating as you wish without worrying if the wall was going to come crumbling down.


Honestly, DIY repairs are going to cost you more than simply hiring our professionals every day of the week. You will need tools and the materials to repair drywall and you will need to ensure you avoid obvious mistakes that will remind you and show visitors where a hole once was. Don’t risk having to redo your wall more than once, call us first.


Sometimes our clients want us to help in remodeling and repairing certain sections of drywall, this requires permits! We know how to handle a remodeling project efficiently and we know how important it is to you to have a wall that is smooth, presentable, and easily decorated.


Once the drywall has been fully installed you will not need to consume your time with painting the wall over, we can do that. Walls have to be prepped once they have been repaired to paint and we know just what paints are best for that area of your wall. The meticulous attention to detail is what sets our team apart from others in the Las Vegas area.


Don’t waste your time! Repairing, painting, and redecorating drywall can be extremely time-consuming and unnecessarily stressful. Save time, money, and yourself from unnecessary stress. Don’t bother cleaning up, we have you covered.

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Our company offers affordable, trustworthy, and undeniable results. Our contractors are experienced and licensed. If you need a repair don’t trust just any company, we will not overcharge or abuse your needs. Call now to get started with our professionals!

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Here are some frequently asked questions!

Here are your questions answered! Can’t find yours? Give our professionals a call to learn more.

Is it better to repair drywall with a professional or with DIY?2020-01-22T06:58:40+00:00

The reasons why it is better to hire a professional range from our knowledge and efficiency to the simple fact that we come prepared, meaning, you will not need to spend money on tools and materials on top of patience and money! In the end, hiring a professional is much more affordable.

Should I have my damaged drywall repaired or replaced?2020-01-22T06:58:04+00:00

This question is just an “it depends” because we need to assess the damage before we can definitively say either-or. If there is a large hole or an infestation of some sort the best option would be to replace it but if the issues are what we consider repairable we will go with the latter.

Can the damaged drywall be recycled?2020-01-22T06:57:07+00:00

Yes! You will have to determine where in your area you will be willing to recycle the materials.

Here are some

Of our steps

Cut out the damaged

We will remove the damaged area which is typically a rectangle or a square because it is easier to fit patches. All of our repairs are unique, and the location of the repair impacts how big or how much we remove.

Measure and Install

After we remove the damaged drywall we will insert and secure the patch that will be replacing your hole. For large sections with outlets, our team will ensure an area is cut out for them as well.

Blend the seams

We will tape over the seams with mesh or paper! This adhesive is one of our final steps in ensuring your drywall was and is a proper repair.


Once the repair has been finished, we will repaint the area and ensure that the beauty of your wall is restored.

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