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Our team here in Las Vegas knows how important the exterior of your home is! It is the first impression many of your neighbors or others passing through have of you and your home. We aim to flawlessly paint and upgrade the aesthetics of your home without overcharging you! Our team is fair and willing to work with your budget because no one should have to financially strain to improve their home. Don’t let your home be a DIY, call the professionals!

Call the Professionals

This is not the best project to attempt a DIY! Your home is a valuable piece of property that one day may need to be sold or rented. Always think ahead, hire our team to come and upgrade your home without flaws or discrepancies. We have the crew and the equipment needed to change your home for the better. Don’t waste your money on renting or buying new tools when we can do it all for you at a better price.

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We are Effective and High-Quality

Our goal is to be and have prepared a plan that will ensure your exterior home is completed promptly. Taking into account weather and the size of the home, the materials and old paint on the home, some details require meticulous attention. Why waste your time and energy on something we can do in half the time and offer a better outcome? Don’t wait to call us, we promise 100% customer satisfaction!

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Benefits of having your residential

Exterior Painted

There are several benefits to having a properly and professionally finished paint job on the outside of your home! Our team has decades of experience that has given them the knowledge and tools to finish flawless projects in record timing. Don’t wait, call now to get started.

Here are some top benefits for having an exterior painting job completed:

Better Aesthetics

Whether you’ve always loved the color of your house or recently decided it was time for a change, our team can help! As time goes on, the color of the exterior part of your home will fade, chip, and peel, so what are you waiting for? Sometimes we just want the same color over the old one to upgrade the exterior part of our home: other times, we want a complete change and a new color is the only way to get it! Whatever you want, our team will follow through, simply call to get started.

Home Value Increase

An appraiser will evaluate your home at a much better rating if the exterior paint looks professionally completed. Whether you’re looking to sell your home or simply make a change, exterior painting projects increase your property value and return rate well over 100%! It is almost unbelievable how much the outside world responds to your home when the outside looks professionally finished!

Curb Appeal

In Las Vegas, aesthetic pleasures are not just for the party that owns the property, they are also for those just passing through! Curb appeal is about making the best first impression, whether you’re wanting to sell your home, show it off, or impress family and guests. The exterior paint of your home can set you off on the right or wrong foot!

Environmental Protections

Your home is meant to protect you from natural elements: rain, snow, hail, heat, wind, etc. Paint is the coating that is also exposed to these said elements and professional paint should be able to withstand such experiences for several years, but at some point, the paint needs to be redone. Professional painting jobs can help protect your home from moisture and water damage and can even stop certain insects from getting into your home!

Insect Damage

Have you ever wondered if you would be able to tell if insects were damaging your home? Well painted exteriors can be a great tool to show you whether your home is under attack or not! Some of our painting projects have stopped infestations before they happened. Call now to learn more!


Having a professional paint your home is simply practical in all aspects of the word! Our team will paint your exterior home for less than it would cost you to buy/rent equipment and purchase the right amount of paint to complete the job. Not only that, we’ll be done faster! Our company is meant to be a budget-friendly one!

Make your home stand out

Final Thoughts

We all want our homes to look great, not just for us, but to our neighbors, family, and guests. Our home is where our joy is, and it is where we foster friendships and relationships so it is no surprise that we desire a good paint job! The best part about wanting a new project done but having it done by professionals is the fact that with us, you don’t have a cleanup! We will take care of all of it, so sit back, and enjoy it.

Head over to our home page to learn more about our services and everything we have to offer.

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Find out what people like you are asking!

We understand that it can be a stressful time picking a team to upgrade your exterior home!

What should I ask someone I’m hiring to paint my exterior home?2020-01-22T07:02:23+00:00

We understand that finding, hiring, and trusting someone to upgrade your home can be a stressful situation for most homeowners. It is important to find a company with a reputable background, a company with a lot of reviews, a company with licensure, and a company that has professionals who are willing to work with you. Get quotes from many different companies and in the end, go with the one who makes you feel comfortable and excited about the job!

How should I choose the right color?2020-01-22T07:02:49+00:00

We get this question a lot and it can be difficult to answer because it truly is up to you! Our best advice is to focus on any areas of your home that you would like to highlight and if possible choose a color that best fits those home features!

When should I repaint my home?2020-01-22T07:04:11+00:00

It will depend on what material your home is made of! Certain materials only require a repaint every 5-years and others need a retouch every 3-years! If you’re looking for an update you don’t need any time at all! Just call us to get started.

Basic Steps

Exterior Painting


Choose a Color

We won’t begin prepping your home until an idea and/or color has been decided upon. Our team is efficient and will be moving quickly to have your home done promptly so color or colors will be the first step in getting your home ready!



Before any painting takes place, we will want to remove all paint and coatings that are loose and/or peeling. Want to wash the house to ensure all dirt and debris that could be hidden in the background of your home is also removed.

Solid Surface

Prime & Seal

Paint isn’t going to look or stay on well without this important step! If any issues like cracks are found our team will seal them to ensure the exterior house is smooth and easy to paint.



Your color is now on display!

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