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Wood Reconditioning

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Refinish Your Wood

Our professional team here in Las Vegas, Nevada, is skilled in the art of all things wood. Our business has obtained the proper licensure to give us the expertise and knowledge behind restoring your wood panels, floors, furniture, and more to their beautiful youthful selves.

how to recondition wood furniture

Wood Furniture Reconditioning

Do you have classic pieces of furniture that are just sitting in your home or storage? Call our team to come out and breathe life back into your classics so they’re put to good use. We will restore and repaint your furniture so you, your family, and your friends can enjoy their beauty again.

reconditioning wood floors

Wood Flooring Reconditioning

No one wants their wood floors to look stained, old, rugged, and/or perpetually dirty. What our team does is have to remove stains and old bruises from your wood floors and restore them into the floors you first fell in love with.

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Benefits of a

Wood Floor Reconditioning

Our floors are the first part of our home and businesses that our friends, family, guests, and clients all notice. If your floors depict a dirty and unkempt image of you then your first impression has fallen short! Let our professionals ensure your floors are not only pristine but restored to their original beauty.

Here are the benefits of wood floor reconditioning:

Beautiful Flooring

Our professional technicians love wood and they know how it should look when finished. DIY projects can be walking the edge because you don’t know how that type of wood should look and feel like once the surface has been properly reconditioned. Our experts know just what to do if the wood is not coming around until it does! Don’t trust just anyone with such a precious part of your home or business.

Money Savings

Having hardwood floors, panels, decks, etc. replaced instead of reconditioned means you’re spending a lot of unnecessary money. Our experts can advise you on the best solution for your long-term well-being. We care about you and the best outcome for your floors, so we will know and inform you if reconditioning wood or replacing the wood is the best course of action.

Home Value

No one wants to buy a home with wood floors that are scratched, chipped, stained, or appear to be permanently bruised. Our team can restore your floors to their original beauty, so your home’s overall sale value is significantly raised. As our team finishes, potential buyers will be lining up at your doorstep!

Safety Concerns

Many wood floors that are aging or have been in any way neglected can pose serious safety risks for everyone, especially children and the elderly. Any floors that are splintering, uncoated, and highly slippery can cause serious bodily harm to those visiting or walking on the surface. Our team will ensure that your floors are safe for everyone of all ages.


Properly reconditioned wood floors will not welcome or foster any unwanted pests. Roaches, bugs, mice, termites, and/or ants will be completely eradicated with properly reconditioned floors. Perfectly reconditioned floors are not the type of environment pests want to live in.

Professional Wood Reconditioning

It is important to hire a professional company to recondition any wood, including porches, decks, panels, furniture, and floors. Our team is highly dedicated to perfecting their art of turning wood back into its beautiful self.

Don’t hide your furniture!

Reconditioning Wood Furniture

When you resell, restore, and reuse old wood furniture there are key benefits to those actions and our team in Las Vegas wants you to take full advantage of those benefits. When you call us to recondition wood furniture you are doing a good service for the environment. This means less production of goods, fewer greenhouse gasses by a corporation, and more contribution to a cleaner and healthier planet. Another big benefit is, you save money! Reusing what you already have means saving a trip to the store and saving the cash in your wallet. Let us show you how beautiful your wood furniture can be and save money in your wallet. The benefits don’t end there!

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Will my furniture needs to be moved and where will I store it?2020-02-09T22:22:43+00:00

Some of our clients have had their furniture moved out of the area they want to be reconditioned and some of our clients have asked us to move it out of the way as we work, it depends on the intensity of the work and where the furniture is located. You can move your furniture into other parts of your home, garage, basement, or unused areas.

Is there a lot of dust when you guys sand the floors?2020-02-09T22:22:25+00:00

Yes, there isn’t a way around the fact that sanding floors can create a bit of a mess. We will ensure that once we have completed our work that your home is left clean and debris free.

How long would it take for you to recondition my floors?2020-02-09T22:22:07+00:00

This will always depend on several factors! How large the area we are completing is, what type of condition the floor was in before our arrival, and what type of finish you’re ultimately looking for. On the longer end, 4 days, on a shorter end 2 days, but it can vary.

What other services do

We Offer?


Wood Trim

If you have trimming that needs to be repainted, painted, and/or designed, let us know. Our artists can finish your trimming in any color you’re looking for. We offer incredible variety in our coloring.


Wood Shelving

If you’re looking for possible wood shelving and painting our team can help design your shelves and paint them to match any area of your home you’re installing them in! As professionals, we have an eye for design.

Solid Surface


When redesigning your kitchen, your cabinets can be a big setback, but not anymore! Our company’s painting reputation proceeds us beautifully. We can help your cabinets add the beauty of your kitchen and not distract from it.



Whether you’re looking for wood reconditioning and/or wood painting, our professionals can provide you with all of the essentials. We will paint and recondition your wood areas so your home reflects you and your family.

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